Close Your Eyes

Saba Alizadeh

Up close



Everything was fixed and stable but the sounds and time which we were enclosed by. Each one of was experiencing his /her personal moments. Her eyes were wide shut, my eyes were wide open.

Imagination disappears with open eyes.

Everyone is looking at you. There is no time to go in your dark and silenced shelter. Closing the eyes in a public place even for a second takes you to your own imagination in the presence of others.

The girls closed eyes and let me listen to their minds whispering. I was in their shelters with no “veil” between us. I reflected those sounds on the papers. I don’t know whether the words came from the real world or not.

That is exactly how I feel in front of a mirror.-The only moment that I am literally looking at myself and I am talking to my real “self”. And I believe reaching that reality is both inevitable and unreachable just as reaching the “self” and photography itself.