About Us

SilkRoad Art Gallery

Silk Road, Iran’s first gallery exclusively devoted to photography, opened in December 2001. Since, many Iranian photographers have been introduced to a wider public. And a wider public have learned to enjoy the subtlety, the commitment and the variety of their styles and visions through Silk Road Gallery. One will notice that Iranian photographers find an engaging and passionate frame of reference to tell their story. Contemporary photography is accompanying Iranians all the way into modernity, and Silk Road Gallery has been with them throughout these times.

Far from being just a commercial institution, the gallery has acted as a catalyst for modern movements in photography.
Silk Road Gallery also participates in the well-known international art fairs such as “Paris Photo” “Arco” and “Art Dubai” and in the prestigious cultural events.

On the occasion of Silk Road Gallery’s 15th year of Establishment 
Silk Road Gallery began its activities in 2001 with the exhibition of Abbas Kiarostami.
The Gallery’s logo was designed by Abbas Kiarostami with the collaboration of Ali Boustan. Coinciding with its 15th year of establishment, the gallery has decided to use its old logo with some minor changes. As well as the new logo, a new website for Silk Road Gallery has also been launched.