Tahmineh Monzavi

Tahmineh Monzavi

Tahmineh Monzavi is an Iranian photographer, born 1988, with bachelor degree from Azad art & architecture university of Tehran. In 2005, as a documentary photographer, she began her artistic life. She also started making documentary films in 2009. Her main topics of interest are social conflicts and the young generation of Iran.

In 2011 she received the prestigious “Sheed Award”; an independent, non-profit, private photography award. Her works have also been published by more than a few international art magazines and books such as “Internationale”, “British journal of photography”, “Lefigaro”, “loeil de la photographie”, “Alternatives History”, “La photographie Iranienne”, “Iran unedited history 1960-2014”. Her photographs have also been demonstrated in some museums around the world such as “Modern Art Museum of Paris”, “Literature Museum of Georgia” and “MAXXI Museum of Rome”.

Her latest series, “The brides of Mokhber al-Dowleh”, was widely appreciated by the media. Her photo exhibition was held in silkroad gallery in Tehran as well as Paris, Rome, Vienna, Boston and South Korea. She has also done an interesting project on Transsexualism which addresses how a minority within traditional Iranian society yearns for and attempts to find wider social acceptance and recognition.

Monzavi’s vision was changed after a month of being imprisoned; she started looking at her society differently. After a year of not working she began to work on a project called “All about me; nicknamed Queen Maker”. In which she points out the deep feelings of womanhood and womanly dreams.

Tahmineh Monzavi is also known for the length of her projects. Ever since the beginning she has tried to work in long intervals ,as current project of photo stories about young generation and women of Iran in various cities.